Last Trudge of the Sleigh

We have many days of storms/gales ahead now so today, in a brief lull, I went out with my “sleigh” for the last trudge around the shops before Christmas.

I was my own – family left behind with various chores needing doing – and I spent a lovely afternoon wandering around looking at the Christmas windows on the street.

Many of the shops had made a huge effort and it really helped me get into the Christmas mood, which I will admit I am severely lacking this year.


My girls are still featuring.  Always good to see.

When I came out of a shop, someone had turned on the lights.

Ok, they are a bit of a curate’s egg but the Norwegian Christmas tree at the Market Cross looked lovely.

So that’s me.  I’m done with shopping. I bought locally as much as possible and tried to support  independent traders.

Bring it on. I’m ready (sort of).

Now for the wrapping marathon.

3 thoughts on “Last Trudge of the Sleigh

  1. John Davies

    I think it’s interesting that all of the windows seemed to hold far better gifts than I can lay hands on here in America; Amazon is ruining retail over here!

  2. Terri

    Lovely virtual trip to Lerwick! Such festive shop windows to entice a person inside! I too do my best to support local shops and artisans (“shop local”). And to support charities and non-profits in our community (with time or money). I had to look up “curate’s egg” — new-to-me expression (haha). I agree that Lerwick’s Christmas tree is lovely! As is Christmas in a village…more intimate and special.


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