The Hunger Games

I bought a huge neep (swede) for £2.49 in our local shop (henceforth known as The Neep).

My OH drilled a big hole from top to bottom and threaded a good piece of sash cord through it.

I hung it up in the middle of the shed.

Everyone had a go.  Some with more success than others.  It was very funny to watch.

BN2A0861    BN2A0916BN2A0889  BN2A0902

There was no arguing and everyone shared or took it in turns.

BN2A0928 BN2A0929

Kappi, who is always obsessed with food, was hypnotised.


Iacs was obsessed.  A thing possessed.  The Neep taunted him.


Oh, how it taunted him.  He could not leave it alone and attacked it each time with new determination and strategy.

Memories of Sven, the reindeer, from Frozen!

BN2A0955 BN2A0956 BN2A0957 BN2A0958

Only one horse managed to get to eat The Neep and that was Klængur.


He struck a deal with Waffle who obligingly stood firm and let Klængur use his body to stop The Neep swinging.  It was interesting to watch their team work.  I am sure it was by accident rather than design.


Haakon decided he had given it his best and wasn’t going to try any longer.


Day 2 and The Neep is still going strong.  Iacs is still a thing possessed and Kappi is still hypnotised.  This must be the best toy ever!  I shall buy more!

9 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. jan

    Totally brilliant film. My sides ache from laughing. I am about to go in to hospital for toe surgery… These films you do I am going to keep to look at again when I am fed up. Keep them coming please!

  2. Linda K

    Seriously, £2.49 for a turnip?!!!
    I think Waffle’s looking to Klaengur for his reward. “Did you bite a bit off for me”?
    The boys look terrific in their winter coats.

  3. Frances Post author

    It was a very very big swede. Ginormous and from a local shop.

    EDIT: It was only £1.99! and a huuuuuge swede (just bought three more) !


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