Last Day of the Garden

I am off back home to Shetland tomorrow.  One taxi, two flights and Daisy has promised to meet my plane to drive me home.

I will miss so much.  A different life.  My old one.

Yesterday, it rained most of the day and all of last night.

Mum’s garden was hugely grateful, despite my constant daily watering.  Rain is so much better than standing with a garden hose.


The flowers are very happy and everything is making a huge effort.  As I walk around the garden in the evening, we are bombarded by the divine different scents – stocks, lilies, roses, honeysuckle.  All amazing.

Meanwhile, while the Catalpa bignonioides ‘Aurea’ (Golden Indian Bean Tree) blossomed.

It was magnificent.

And then the rain it rained and all the blossoms fell off overnight and now sit on the lawn like old wedding confetti.

So, there may not be a blog tomorrow.  I will be travelling north (all 800 miles) and then there will be my ponies, sheeples, dogs, daughters and OH waiting for me – not necessarily in that order, but you know what I mean.

13 thoughts on “Last Day of the Garden

  1. Linda

    Have a safe trip home (all your “kids” are going to be so glad to see you) – and thank you for the gorgeous garden photos!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Hello — Glad you had a good trip, all things considered.

    Been meaning to ask for ages – what does OH mean?

    Welcome home (well, almost)! MMR

  3. Gwen

    the rain has made it a beautiful garden, such beauty of all the flowers . you will surley miss being there. Hope all is well, and look forwards to seeing you when you get to visit me in Sandness’

  4. Terri

    Such a lovely place where your old life took place. There are many good places to live, and it’s always a trade-off. Have a safe journey home to your Shetland — I’m sure everyone will welcome you with open arms (and nosey kisses)!

  5. Nancy

    Have a safe trip home and thank you for the photos of the lovely flowers!
    (I wish I could smell them all!)

  6. Darby

    I love your posts of Shetland but it has been a real treat to see this other side of your life. so much beauty in both these places. Safe travels!

  7. Judith Garbutt

    Hope your mother has recovered well. It must be quite a wrench leaving her and your old life. I’ve enjoyed these different pictures – stunning as always! Hope your journey north is smooth and trouble free.

  8. Louise Stopford

    Wonderful garden pictures. It’s been lovely to see your childhood home through your eyes. Hope that you have a good safe journey home and look forward to more “tails” from Shetland.


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