Last Chance Saloon

I was in two minds about doing this but…..

Here goes.

I put Andy, Charlie and Hammy back in with The Minions.

Things seemed calmer this time but we are keeping a very close eye on them all.  Hammy knows we are watching.

Firstly, Andy approached Storm who made all the right faces and then, surprisingly, initiated a grooming session with him.


It was a case of “Little and Large”.


Charlie and Waffle have teamed up.  Games started and, to be fair, Charlie initiated the game so Waffle happily joined in.

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Hammy is the joker in this pack.  Sometimes he is nice and then his ears go back and off he chases.  He likes Silver at the moment.


I think he is only being nice so he gets to play with Silver’s toys.


Silver loves his bally-ball.


Actually they all do.


My concern is for Storm.  He is the weakest of the group and I do not want him picked on.


Anyone found picking on The Minions this time will be put out in the big field where Taktur is bored and waiting……

Hammy has been warned.  Actually, they have all been warned.




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