Lambies and Foalios

First things first.  Mum-ewe died this morning.  I am not surprised. RIP Mum-ewe. You tried your best.

Lambie-borghini is doing ok.  OH and I settled on a compromise of the name.

Lambie is trying to walk and stand up but his inflamed joints make it difficult, if not impossible. He is on his third type of antibiotics – this time with painkillers.  I hope we start to see an improvement.


In the morning, I made him a coconut oil/comfrey poultice which he wears for an hour twice a day. on his front legs.   After I have written this blog, I will get him up for a pee, his bottle and then he can watch telly sitting on me.


Anywho, I have also been riding today on Klængur.  We went like the wind.  It was magical.  His tölt is wonderful and he listens to my every word.  He is a horse in a million.  I am so happy.

And, I saw my first Shetland pony foalio.


Very beautiful.


I miss Shetland pony foals and am sad, but realistic, that we will have none.


Mum was very happy and proud, as in look-who-I-have, as opposed to foal-proud, which means she won’t let you near her baby.


I can see I need to do some hugging, if allowed, later on.


❤ I luff foals ❤

(I may have had gin!)

8 thoughts on “Lambies and Foalios

  1. Louise

    We still have our first Shetland pony foal who is now 24. I know what you mean about missing having the babies around x

  2. Terri

    And so it goes, the sadness of death and the joy of new life. Lovely photos of the little foal, thanks! I’m still sending healing vibes for darling Lambie-borghini and hoping he will overcome his unfortunate beginning. Perhaps antibiotic #3 will work like a charm! (and the painkillers will surely make him more comfortable)

  3. Mary H

    Sending super healing vibes to Lambie-borghini. I hope he will get stronger soon.

    Very pretty foal! Mom looks proud about her little baby.

  4. Linda

    Yes, RIP mama-ewe; you did the best you could with what you were given…

    I like the compromise name – well done!

    And what a BEAUTIFUL foal and mum! That must have taken everything you had not to pet it. What sweet photos of the two of them!

  5. darby

    continued prayers and healing thoughts for Lambie. sorry to hear about mama but is suppose it was
    inevitable. lovely shots of the mare and her foal.


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