Life is Fragile

Not my best day, to be perfectly honest.  Nothing health-wise, but two (separate) dear friends in total misery which makes me feel very helpless.

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Bjørn wanted to go out for a ride so I tacked up Haakon, and we went out.  Our role was as the steady accompanying horse – who also wants to be at the front and haul the reins out of my hands.  So much for an old boy.  He was on splendid form and it made my heart sing.

Riding was very good for my soul.  I needed to be out in minus temperatures, with a hint of icy sleet, trying to feel responsible.  I came home with a smile on my face. The mark of a good ride in my book.

Yesterday, the washing machine decided to die, never to go again.  OH tried his best to mend it but to no avail so I put feelers out and luckily we were offered a washing machine.  I would rather lose the tv than than washing machine.  This afternoon we went to collect it, via the Nesting Scrap Store.  Only open on a Sunday afternoon, this Aladdin’s cave was truly wondrous.

We wandered around and OH bought some wellies (his have just cracked and were letting in water) while I bough a huge picture (2′ 4″ x 3′) for £2.00!  I love it.  I shall rename it “Gormless Boyzenberries” as opposed to “A Spring Morning”.  The frame needs some work but it will be perfect for my studio.

My “new-to-me” washing machine is now humming happily – first wash on from the mountain – and I am enjoying a glass of something winery to get over the stress of my day.  So life is vaguely getting back on track but it has made me realise just how fragile everything actually is and I don’t mean the washing machine breaking.

9 thoughts on “Life is Fragile

  1. Linda Loba

    So many things to comment on:

    I’m sorry to hear about your friends; sometimes, in spite of the instant reaction of wanting to help, there’s just nothing we can do – just be there if they need you.

    We love going through “scrap” stores; our conversation consists of mostly “oh, we had one of those” or “I remember the neighbors having that” – it’s trip down memory lane!

    Good for you, having that beautiful ride with an old friend. I’m a walker, and a good walk always does wonders for me.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Despite all (and you did offer OH a glass of wine as well?), the picture will look fabulous in your studio!

  3. Cathy

    I’m so sorry about your two friends. Sadly as we get older we seem to have more friends and family who struggle for various reasons, and it’s so difficult when we can’t help.

    Love your Sunday Emporium! I have to be dragged kicking and screaming from places like that. And a minor miracle that you got a washing machine so quickly.

  4. Terri

    An invigorating ride with a friend, a functioning washing machine, a romantic painting for your studio (had to look up ‘gormless’ — nah, they’re just norty), and a celebratory glass of wine at the end of the day. But yes, ‘How fragile we are.’ Hope your friends have better days soon.

  5. darby callahan

    happy that you had a good day but I myself just got some bad news about a good friend and neighbor. I know that helpless feeling, wishing there was something you could do to make things better. there was a store like yours nearby and was looking forward to seeing what they had, last time I found many lovely things but found out it had just closed. guess folks want new, cheap disposable stuff.

  6. Linda K

    Very sorry to hear about your friends, Life is fragile indeed.

    The scrap store is my type of place. I’ll have that elephant (biscuit barrel?) thingthy. I like your painting very much – what a bargain. I can’t wait to see it in your shed.
    I love rummaging amongst old magazines as well- I wonder if you can still find old copies of The Jackie of the Womens Weekly?

  7. Miriam

    Glad you had a good ride, miss having rhi to cuddle & ride today, this prob makes things harder as no one to cuddle. Give my love to BeAnne, we love her like our own & her sis is pain no longer

  8. Sam

    Lovely picture. And what a fun jumble shop you have. Yes, having an appliance one loves stop working can really throw one’s life off balance. I hope your friends find their balance soon.
    Sounds like “if the only thing you did today was breathe, that was enough” kind of a day.


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