Lambie is in the Shed

Somebody(s) wanted to come into my shed.

Yes, you guessed it. I let Lambie in.

He didn’t stay long but, after a quick nosey, he went back outside to join his friends, eat the wood around the door and spend a few hours butting it!

Meanwhile BeAnne and I (I was needle-felting a puffin) sat inside feeling like we were under attack and about to be invaded.  Lambie likes to make his point.

Today again, I was in my shed and this was my view (tentatively a happy *** sigh ***). 

Lambie was waiting by the door.  I can see this becoming a habit.

I said “do you want to come in?” and he didn’t need asking twice.

Straight in for another look around.

He found BeAnne in her bed and that reminds me to get the bigger dog bed out for Lambie in case he wants to stay.

A quick look out of the window.

I know others don’t want a certain Lambie to come into my shed but he is my sheep and this is my shed and I don’t mind (until he pees and then I mind very much).  After his mosey around, Lambie didn’t want to settle, so I told him to rejoin his friends outside.

Come summer, I reckon this will be Lambie’s second bedroom.



4 thoughts on “Lambie is in the Shed

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    As ever, an adorable tweet about lovely animals, craft, and beautiful Shetland. Love the puffin! And Lambie!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your shed, Frances and everything about it. Love your view too. And I enjoy that you let that Lambie come in and check everything out, as long as he behaves himself! I wonder if he will decide to sleep in the big dog bed once you bring it in? BeAnne seems very comfortable in the artsy shed! How nice that you have a special place for your artistry! Hope all your critters are doing well today!

  3. Linda Loba

    That’s the thing about having your own space; you can invite in whoever you please!

    Absolutely gorgeous photo of the rainbow, by the way!


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