A Very Windy Day

The wind has been blowing non-stop since last night.  It is a tad feisty out and, before I went out with my big camera to take photos of the waves at our nearby beach, I found Lambie resting in the lee of the big shed.

He has a lovely bottom.

And a pretty good front end too!

This is his “filmstar” face.  He could be the new James Bond (caveat:  I may have had gin).

I took this photo of my archnemesis, our cockeral, who regularly attacks me. He is horrid, devious, ferocious and on Death Row.  However, these days I am usually armed with an old badminton racket and not afraid to use it.  Anyway, he was looking particularly derpy from the wind floofing up his feathers.  He knew I had taken this photo.  You can tell by the look in his eye.

Out and about now and Lilja was looking lovely, if windswept.

She had read in Cosmo Girl that mud is good for your complexion.

She is a professional teenager at the moment which can be very hard work.

Onwards to Dale Beach which has the best waves in a west south-west gale.

It was fairly impressive.  I took photos while the wind was blowing the waves up the cliffs and the car rocked.

Haakon and Iacs were outside for the afternoon just around the house, grazing.

This is the best sight from my desk window ever.  Haakon eating grass, walking well and looking good, complete with his fabulous hock boots – I am convinced they make a huge difference to his stiffness and general well-being.

(my windows are filthy after the gale – don’t judge me!)

My Shetland sheeples – always smiling at Muzzah.


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