I Hate Everyone (except for the Minions)

This morning we took Lilja and Sóley home.  We were hoping that things would settle overnight but it was very apparent they were not making friends in their new field.

Once home, we gave the young ladies a good brush (got rid of their winter coats) and put them into a paddock to rest – so then they shouted endlessly for any friends.  Dammit!

We decided Haakon, Iacs and Klængur might fill this role.  How wrong we were.  Klængur started attacking the girls so I evicted him.  He is now living with the Taktur and his friends (Efstur, Kappi and Dreki).

He hates me.

Lilja and Sóley (asleep behind Lilja) seemed more settled with the old men.

Well, so I thought. I was hopeful until I saw Haakon chasing the two girls away. I now hate everyone except for Iacs who is the only well-behaved horse in our herd.  For the moment, as it is a big field, I am leaving the old men with Lilja and Sóley in the hope that a) Haakon is too old to chase the girls away and will give up and b) things might calm down.  If not, we will have to think of something else.

Floss and I went over to “be Minioned” in their new field as a distraction from all the politics at home.  I am so bored of it.

Another delight was Harry this morning who made an old tyre his home – he was very happy there.

I wish everyone would sort themselves out. I have had enough and I hate seeing Lilja and Sóley being bullied. They don’t deserve this.  Bloody horses.

2 thoughts on “I Hate Everyone (except for the Minions)

  1. Sam

    Sorry the relocation plans are going awry. But nice to see Harry found a warm, comfy and safe place to nap.
    Silly Mares making all that drama….

  2. diane in northern wis

    I never realized that horses could be such a problem, as far as getting along with each other. I’m certainly learning alot, reading your blog. Sorry it’s so hard on you and two of my favorite horses…Soley and Lilja! I know you’ll find the answer to this dilemma! take care!


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