We are all very lacklustre today.  I keep telling myself that we need to get over this and get on with things.  But it is not as easy as it seems and I am struggling.

Today Flossie and I did our horse and pony checking – we have three lots to do at the moment (owners away) so we just “do it in a oner”, taking the car and driving round to the various places with animals that need a visit.

We took some brushes and attacked the last of the winter wool on the Minions.

Newt is clinging onto his fur and resembles a recalcitrant yak.

Storm has lost all his and is now wearing his summer dresses.

Tiddles is another but he gets stroppy if you try to brush him.  It is a case of one hand clinging onto his mane and brushing as quickly as possibly before he walks away.

I guess I could take a headcollar.

Most of Silver’s fur has gone except for under his chin.

Tiddles could tell that Floss and I were not ourselves so he prescribed his best treatment.


They know when you are sad and I think that is what I love most about animals – their empathy.

The rounds finished, we went home and I popped into the ladies’ field.  Brá took a carrot from me and I had a quick look at her.  Her baby belly is slowly going down now and she is physically fine.

When the vet was here, he did say Hetja was definitely pregnant.

It was raining so I didn’t stay very long. At least it is washing away all the traces.

4 thoughts on “Lacklustre

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Keep being strong and doing what you’re doing. Nothing will erase the loss, but time will help in the end. You all are being very brave (and that includes Bra’)!

  2. Sam

    I’d say given the weekend you had, a few days of quiet is required. Again, don’t tell us animals don’t know emotions. You are lucky to get a Tiddles Cuddle. Sending healing prayers and Maine Coon cat purrs.

  3. Linda Loba

    Oh Frances, you can’t just move on and get over grief. (I volunteer at a local hospice). As they say, you can’t go over or around it, you have to go THROUGH it. Be patient with yourself, and know that time WILL make things less and less painful. You’ll need to be there for Hetja…I know you know that, but just sayiin’

    On the other hand, your comments about the ponies make me smile (as usual). Our dog – a malamute – hates being brushed and does exactly what Tiddles does – takes the brushing for a minute or two, then politely walks away. I would think the brushing would feel good?!

    And yes, Newt looks just like a yak 😉

  4. diane in northern wis

    My heart is with you in such difficult times. I hope and pray that Hetja will give you a lovely new foal to celebrate sometime soon. Peace and blessings to you all.


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