My Worry List

These two get a daily bucket now because they are youngsters. I worry about them.

And today we started Fivla on a bucket too as I noticed her spitting her hay out (quidding) yesterday.  She is having problems eating the hay and, as the snow is going nowhere, she needs topping up.  She was very pleased with her bucket and managed it with no quidding.  I am not sure what else to do as Fivla saw our equine dentist a few month’s back and she is old.  We will keep her happy and the weight on.  I am now worrying about her too.

Also added to my list of worries is BeAnne.  She is deteriorating slowly again, both mentally and physically.  I noticed today that her pee was green in the snow, so her liver is not good.

Still, we went for our daily trundle and the Boyzens asked to come too.

The snow in the hill is too deep and icy so we are on the track these days.

We reached the top and turned around again for home.

I have spoken to the vet. BeAnne will start antibiotics again and let’s pray that perks her up.

Once home, Monster came out to meet us.  He was very intrigued with my little car.

Possibly a bit too intrigued.  I will add my car’s brakes to my Worry List.  It never stops.

A little game for this afternoon – spot the cat!

I hate having old animals.  Everyone is breaking my heart right now.

10 thoughts on “My Worry List

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances, I feel for you! Although you say you hate having old animals, old animals must love having you! When we had our dear Dusty (cat) for just 7 months (she was about 19/20 years old), it was the hardest cat care we have ever done (and heartbreaking). Lovely Carol used to come and give her healing and Dusty used to love Austin’s mindfulness (for anxiety) and yoga sessions. Knowing that she had finally had a good home for just 7 months of her life (the first good home since she was much younger) did give us peace about her too short time with us.

    I can see from the photo’s that Her Maj is not her usual self. I sincerely hope the antibiotics work!

    Fivla looks happy even though you are worried about her. The youngsters look very interested (well, they would, I guess, with food on the itinerary).

    I spotted Monster! Do I get a prize? Do you check your car for explosive devices too?

    The boyzens look beautiful!

  2. Sam

    I understand, Little Miss Maine Coon is somewhere between 13 – 15 with lung issues. Hoping BeAnne perks up on the antibiotics. As for the other Elders and Younguns – they would not be with us without YOU.
    So from across the pond, I’ll add my thoughts for fat and sassy critters around your croft. The car – well Hondas are remarkable long lived but do love babying at times. My Civic was 25 yrs with 267k miles on it when it was retired.

  3. darby callahan

    the animals we love will always break our hearts, old or young. it is a tribute to you that your love and care for them has in fact allowed them to become old. the world would be a much bleaker place without them.

  4. Valerie Ahlgren

    Two subjects:

    I share your focus on BeAnn’s age and health. Am going through the same concerns with my incredible little rescue dog Prez who is sixteen, we think, and suffering the first failing of spirits and health since first we met some eleven years ago. I fear.

    Just reading in the N.Y. Times about the trove of slides recording life in the Shetlands discovered at the recycling center and rescued by Paul Moar. Congratulations to Shetland on this wonderful bit of your history.

  5. diane in northern wis

    You take such good care of your beautiful animals. I hope the antibiotics will perk up BeAnne. Sounds like alot of worries on your mind these days …..hope the snow fades away soon. I’m glad you don’t have the 20 below zero temps that we are having for about 10 days in a row. Take care!

  6. Christine

    Sometimes the circle of life is hard to accept, but even knowing this, how could we not want to share our life with animals.
    I, too, saw The NY Times Shetland article. I loved the backstory of how the slides were discovered. What a treasure.
    How does this year’s snowy weather compare to years past?

      1. Christine

        The same here, but when it does come and stays on the ground, I am always surprised at how much brighter the days are – and they seem longer as well. With so many dark green evergreens in our landscape, it does make a difference. Of course, that’s not a problem in the Shetland Islands!


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