The dogs killed a polecat at Leradale yesterday and to be honest, I am not sure who was most surprised!

I had taken the dogs for a walk at Leradale and they had run off into the distance as usual. I was in another world listening to an audiobook so didn’t hear a commotion but saw the kerfuffle. I thought they were having a fight and hurried to sort it out, when I saw that they had a polecat and were killing it.  Wow!

So well done to Ted and Pepper.  They were efficient and quick. I never had Ted down as a killer but he was doing his bit just as much as Pepper in a thoroughly professional way. I think Mum would’ve been most proud.  Pepper did come home smelling a bit whiffy, though.  I checked everyone for bites and so far, I can see none.

And before anyone gets all fluffy bunny about polecats – they are an introduced species who do terrible damage to poultry so they have to go.

Today I returned to Leradale with the dogs for their daily walk as we all love it there.  The grass is short enough to run in and they can let off lots of energy too.

Both were very much in hunting mode still and I let them get on with it.  My theory on a walk is if I can see the dogs, then they are fine and I call them back to me regularly.


I was enjoying the walk.

And today everyone was on best behaviour.  They even came when they were called, which can be a rarity at times.

So were are all in a very good mood now.   I am still very surprised about Ted.

5 thoughts on “Killing

  1. Sam

    Like it or not, most dogs are meant to kill varmints. We may not like our house pups doing what they are bred for, but they do. Now, what happy pups you have in the last few pictures.

  2. M in NC

    I wish I could borrow Pepper, heard what sounded like a chipmunk or MOUSE!! in my office yesterday. Set the Have-A-Heart trap overnight, no Joy. So its probably a mouse and it has skedaddled to another room.
    I transport the chipmunk/ground squirrels when I catch them in the garden.

    I had to lookup your version of the polecat. In the America’s, that’s slang for SKUNK! Its just a bigger stinkier weasel of sorts. and yes, you do not need any more of those varmints in your area. Hopefully the pups learn that the baby ducks are part of the flock/pack and weasels are VARMINTS and fair targets.

    Lovely photos of happy running dogs. Good weather should be appreciated.
    M in NC

  3. Judith

    Well done, dogs! Gosh, Ted has suddenly grown up and is helping to protect the babies. I wonder if that is what motivated him … just possibly.

  4. Jayne

    Well done Ted and Pepper, doing what dogs were meant to do.
    I love today’s photos, of them checking out the territory for smells (and more polecats?) and then bouncing through the grass with looks of sheer joy.


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