Keeping Busy

Daisy and I are keeping busy, even we didn’t feel much like riding. Today was windy and blustery and neither of us are particularly keen.

So, to make up for our lack of ridingness, Daisy said we (well, mostly she) would trim Hetja and Brá’s hooves.

Obviously Hetja oversaw proceedings.

While I was on rope duty and moral support with occasional rasping.  My back is not fully recovered but I could hang onto a rope.

First up was Brá because she is can be the most difficult of the pair.

Today she was a total star.  Maybe the wind has changed or something but Brá these days is easy and nice to work with.  She has mellowed.

Hetja was less helpful and bit crashy.  Words were had and toes were trodden on.

Anywho, the view was nice.

I took this photo for my mother so she could see her car living a completely different life to the one it was used to. Poor car. Rather a shock to its system.

So, job done and it needed doing.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. jacqueline slavich

    Frances, I know nothing about horses but why do their hooves need such regular trimming? And what do wild ponies do?

    1. Frances Post author

      Wild horses/ponies live on rough terrain. Nature trims as they cover huge tracks of land looking for food. Also nutrition plays a huge part too.


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