Dentist Vet

Apparently the equine dentist is not likely to come up to Shetland in the near future so we arranged for the vet to come to look at Efstur because we wanted to have the all-clear on his teeth.

Although Efstur started his training in a bitless bridle indoors, Daisy would prefer to ride him with a bit as he has absolutely no brakes outside.  I can see her point entirely.  Brakes are always useful, possibly essential!

So Morag, the vet, visited and gave the young man a quick once-over before she started.

This was a first for Efstur and Mr Dental-Equine-Speculum was gently introduced and accepted with no argument or discussion.

Morag had a good feel inside Efstur’s mouth.

Daisy had a good feel inside too.

The gag came off and his alignment looked at.

The diagnosis was that there were no wolf teeth lurking or anything untoward. So all is good in Efstur’s mouth.

Carroty rewards and lots of “what a good boy”.  He was – we were proud of him.

Efstur thought it was great to be the centre of attention.  So now we have to work out what bit will suit him best because we know nothing is wrong and he needs to get going again with his training.

To the Bit Bank and don’t spare the horses!

3 thoughts on “Dentist Vet

  1. Sam

    Nice to see the Young Man behaved himself and you all wore your masks properly.
    I can be a bit of a nudge withe the masks, my sister & I have made and given away 580 so far.
    So I feel I am entitled. Please keep the nose covered!

  2. Louise Stopford

    Lovely to see a photo of Bra – I’ve been wondering how she was doing. Also wondering how you are going to get your mum’s car back to her? Wasn’t the young man good with his dentistry. He is going to make a wonderful riding horse, and SO handsome to.


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