Winter Walk

A brief glimpse at the sun this morning and it was a busy day ahead.

The plumber was here for most of the morning trying to resurrect our boiler (only 24 years old) to limp through another winter, while we are on the list to have a new one installed in spring.

While the plumber (who Ted adored and did all his party tricks for) was leaving, my fencing contractor, Morgan, arrived and we walked the boundaries so I could show him where I wanted my two tracks for the Minions to live on in the Spring/Summer/Autumn months.  I took the dogs, telling them that this was their dog walk for the day.

We started off when there was the most god-awful yowling and we turned to see Monster shouting at us to wait.

I asked Morgan whether he had ever been on a dogwalk with a cat and he admitted that this was a first for him.

Stopping to wait for Monster to catch up, we used the time to discuss where and what I wanted.  Morgan is just putting in the fence stabs (posts) and I will attach electric fence to make it both permanent but changeable if required.

The stream will run through two points of the track so no one will have to lug water either.  While we were talking about how much we hated the lugging food and water in winter, everyone else stopped to hunt for a bit.

Then it was time for my fencing contractor to leave and we all escorted him to his pickup and trailer.

Now to make a million sheeple to contribute towards this…….

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