Feeling Bad

I am feeling very bad.

Edna is on the hunt for a man.  She has been shouting her head off to the hill sheep as they pass by on their regular trek trying to entice them over.

As she refused to give up, I lured her with a bucket of food, along with Madge (who was surprisingly helpful and well-behaved) into their small paddock behind the house where no ram can get them.

‘Bert came along for the ride too – this is their joint let-us-out face.

And Madge’s.

She ate the fence at me to show her disgust at being shut in.  I felt like the meanest jailer.

‘Bert and Lambie were around, outwith the field.

Lambie was his usual supportive self.

The three stayed in their field while OH and I secured the perimeter fence a bit better.

I held out for a good few hours, feeling absolutely rotten.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

Meanwhile, those on the “outside” worked their magic on me and I went out with a packet of biccies for everyone – two each.  The sheepie ration.

With chicken wire now added to the outside fence, and a fresh new 12 volt battery attached to the electric fence (zappity zap), I gave in and, as it got dark, freed them from their prison. They have promised me to behave.  We will see. If we have little lambs, then we will manage.  We always do.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Bad

  1. Sam

    Ah teenagers and their hormones! Good luck with the fence and staying strong on “no babies”.
    Love how black Lambie’s tongue is. What color are the other Sheeple tongues?

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh poor Edna. Madge doesn’t really seem to care one way or the other? They are sweet sheep though, along with the others. I still remember how fun it was to watch the pics of little missy prancing around your yard. You have a good heart, Frances, just trying to be a protector! We’ll see how that works out, huh?


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