Just Stuff Really

On my daily dog walk, we were just coming to the end when ….

….. I looked up to see Monster had joined us, unbeknownst to me. Had I known he was on his way, I would’ve waited.

Pepper was pleased to see her mentor. Remember, Monster “looked after” her when she was a tiny puppy and I use that term in its loosest sense.  Think more like, beat her up and model her to his own image, if he could. That would be more accurate.

We finished the rest of the walk, with a up tempo vocal accompaniment.

And this time I waited for Monster to catch up.

All that walking is hard work.

I’ve been working as much as I can in my sh-shed making as many sheeple as possible for the next Wool Week which starts soon.

This photo was taken this afternoon when I found a bag of celery which I had lost (put somewhere weird). I was walking towards the ponies with it and I started laughing when I saw them all like this.

I climbed over the gate and handed out the celery in sticks – they bite off a chunk and then I offer it to the next pony.

It was fair shares for all, including Vitamin who waited patiently by her gate.  Fivla had a bucket of hay replacer to get through.

Apparently an engineer from BT will come tomorrow morning and hopefully put things right, which would be good as I am rapidly running out of mobile data.


7 thoughts on “Just Stuff Really

  1. Sam

    First – all those Noseys at the gate cracked me up. Then all those pink toe pads on Monster cracked me up.
    But the Vocal Dialogue is most amusing.


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