The last of Summer

A beautiful day today (2 loads of washing and making the most of it).  On the dog walk I saw a Northern White-Tailed Bumblebee lazily working on the last of a Devil’s Bit Scabious flower.

With my camera, I was hanging right over it and totally ignored, which is unusual.

Our garden surrounding the front of the house, is slowly giving up too.

And I am getting the potatoes in as they die back.   It is work-in-progress but definitely on my to-do list.

Still, we have sunshine today and we are all making the most of it.

In other news, all the duckies – all 13 of them – have finally got together.

Pepper has declared herself Queen of Ducks.

She is determined to talk to them all.

Whether they are happy to respond is a different matter.

I haven’t ever known a dog quite so interested in making friends with everyone around the croft.  It is not a Patterdale thing. I know that, but then Pepper is not your usual dog.  She is a little treasure of determination.


3 thoughts on “The last of Summer

  1. Judith

    What a lovely day for you! We have white tailed bumble bees in our garden too! Hope everyone is progressing well. (Pepper is a cutey!)

  2. Sam

    What lovely flowers you have! And Mr.Bee is too busy eating to be bothered by the photographer. Pepper looks Grand as Queen Duck!


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