Locker C18 Grand Central Terminal

On my way to collecting up Haakon, Iacs and Kolka’s empty buckets, I turned around to see this.

I honestly think Pepper wants to be a duck.

You do, Pepper, you know it!

Although Mum-Duck is not Pepper’s greatest fan, she does tolerate her.

These three ducklings love me.

I feel like Agent K when he opens Locker C18 in MIB II.

I am a realist. I think they worship the food probably more than me, though.

But it is nice to be adored, even by three hungry ducklings.

I can sometimes boop their beaks!  They always look a bit surprised.

Meanwhile, in other duck news (which constitutes my social life these days), Penthesilea’s Mum (the one with the green eggs) has taken up with Black Ducky’s son!  The one that lived next door to her.

It’s all a bit Game of Thrones.

And Penthesilea (again more green eggs, now removed and buried where no one will find or roll in them, dear God, please no) has her eye on the other new big boy, though his sisters are not very keen on Penty.  So shades of Jane Austen.

I possibly need to get out more.

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