Jolly Hot Here

Some folk always look good in photographs.  No matter what.

Every angle is a good angle and there is no such thing as a bad picture.

And then there are others……

Well, all I can say is I was under attack …..

….. from all sides.

Oh look, there Floss is looking lovely again with the handsome Waffle.

And they both have a Winning Smile too.

Silver was nearby for moral support and looking his best.

Then he ditched me for a more favourable friend.

And my hat got it.  Well, it was inevitable.  I never thought for one minute that it would be safe.

As you can see, Floss and I sat in the field with the Minions.  Some of us looked wonderful.  Others, less so but it was nice to be loved.

Did I mention it is very very hot today?  Too hot for me and my summer cold.

5 thoughts on “Jolly Hot Here

  1. Kerry

    You ALL look wonderful to me. Rare is the person who likes their own photo. I always loathe mine
    And a hat that can be soaked, trampled and/or eaten by Minions and can still be slung back on for protection is the King of all hats.

  2. Sam

    Taking a selfie is fraught with danger of hating the outcome. Far easier to point the camera away and get a good shot. At least you have a breeze with the heat, New England is 95F with oppressive humidity making it feel like 105f in the shade…


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