One Stubborn Little Patterdale Terrier

The grass in our fields is growing and unusually very long.

I don’t know if I have seen it this good for many years.  It has been a very wet summer.  That’s all I can think.

The Icelandic boys are next door and the long grass will be all their’s in winter when they need it.  We rotate the fields all year.

For now, they have plenty and are somewhat rotund.

It was a warm morning so, having photographed the chaps (for tomorrow when it is raining), I asked BeAnne if she wanted to go swimming. She didn’t need asking twice and jumped in because she is secretly an otter.

She amused herself, jumping in and out rolling in hopefully nothing (too) noxious.

I found an old piece of wood and threw it in.

It was taken away and hidden so I could never do that again.

Then my little sweetheart and hopefully delight posed for some pretty photos.

All was going very well until I said I was going back up to the house.

And that was it.

A sit-down strike.  The Patterdale Terrier stubborness appeared.  BeAnne would not budge.  She just sat there while I walked up the hill to the house.  She’s probably sitting there still.

(No, she appeared later when she realised Muzzah was more stubborn!)

4 thoughts on “One Stubborn Little Patterdale Terrier

  1. Sam

    I can see the otter in Her Mag! But the sulk face during the sit-down strike could cause grown men to quake in their boots. Thank goodness Muzzah is more determined (my grandmother hated the word “stubborn”).

  2. Miriam

    Oh bless the little cherub. She melts my heart and makes me want to cry with a smile on my face. This is slightly where we differ. One who took her time to become an otter, and how dare you leave her behind although she too could have that i don’t want to go home. Now the biggest difference. If you threw the stick you can fetch it back. Not even a thought of hiding it. Although in the last few months she did decide that trying to pick up stones from under the water was a bit of fun and going down the stream and not coming back was even better, paddling only, swimming was never Phi’s strong point.


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