The Flies, the Ruddy Flies!

Poor, poor Hetja is covered in horrid flies, all having a go at her.  No one else is suffering like her.  I don’t what it is.  Maybe because she is nursing a foal she is more attractive to flies.  Yes, there are flies about the other horses but Hetja is the one being attacked constantly especially around her legs, eyes and udder.  I have been using a citronella spray on her but it doesn’t last long enough and I don’t want her udder to smell odd to Sóley the Foalie.  It is a tough one.

So today I dug out an old fly mask we had used on a horse many moons ago for uveitis. I am not sure about the three straps at the top but I tied them onto the headcollar for good measure.  The fly mask wasn’t perfect, but I reckoned it would do for the time being.

Lilja was babysitting her little sister (awww, **** sweet ****).

I went up to Hetja and put on her mask with a headcollar attached.  She didn’t mind, not even slightly.

I admit that it is a bit work-in-progress and I check Hetja regularly. I will swap the headcollar over for a quick-release one.

Little Miss woke up and had a good scratch.

Lilja and Sóley investigated their mother’s new headwear.  Lilja pulled Hetja’s ear out so I went back, returned the ear to its rightful place and had words with Lilja.

As long as the damn thing stays in place for a little while.  Hetja seems happier too, which is good.

When I got home, I hit Amazon and bought a better fly mask with a nose-shield (against sunburn) as well, plus many bottles of Avon Skin So Soft.  Let’s hope it all arrives soon.


2 thoughts on “The Flies, the Ruddy Flies!

  1. Kerry

    Avon Skin So Soft is the best thing ever in my view! Nothing else keeps the midges off for me quite like that. Hope it works on poor Hetja. Love how her daughters are behaving/looking in your photos

  2. Dona

    Sorry your horses are suffering, too. The flies are terrible everywhere, in Kentucky and in California. We think it is the wet weather rotating with the heat. The horse people here are stocked up with fly spray, fly traps, masks and light weight shear coats & still fight daily with flies.

    Hope you are feeling better, too, Frances. I debate wearing medical masks now every time we fly. The recycled air and nearby sick passengers guarantee a trip illness. ;-(


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