Jack’s Jacket

Inspired by the Shetland ponies in sweaters, my clever friend, Outi Kater designed and made a beautiful jacket for BeAnne.  We tried it on BeAnne but decided it looked much better on Jack and he loved it.  A jacket of his very own.


Jack took to his new modelling career like a Patterdale terrier to a rabbit hole. Floss and I decided to do the photoshoot for Outi on his daily walk.  This pattern will be for sale and Outi needs some pictures to show just how beautiful it is.  So Jack was given the modelling job and he set off with a spring in his step and a song in his fart.   He was so happy.


I think he made this jacket his and no one else’s even if Her Maj sulked at the lack of attention afterwards (that is her resentment face in case you hadn’t realised).  Muchos resentment.  She may well put herself up for adoption as no one loves her now.   Worms for supper tonight, probably at the bottom of the garden too, I think.


Anyway, here are the rest of the photos from the shoot and Jack will be renamed “Blue Steel” from now on as that is his look!  I think you will agree he made a superb model – really made the job his own.  There was even almost-running, which he never does.

BN2A7186 BN2A7170 BN2A7166 BN2A7161 BN2A7147 BN2A7125 BN2A7113 BN2A7106 BN2A7099 BN2A7094 BN2A7090 BN2A7089

Outi is very clever.  Her knitwear is amazing –  Ravelry webpage is here – http://www.ravelry.com/designers/outi-kater – and the Jack’s Jacket will be put up shortly in a variety of sizes and you can knit it yourself for your own loved one.


5 thoughts on “Jack’s Jacket

  1. Elaine

    I REALLY like that. In fact, blow the dogs, I would like one for ME (but covering the front too).

    Then there might be almost running from me too, which I almost never does either.


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