It’s Show Time!

The horse and pony shows started in Shetland today with Serrang Equestrian In Hand Show held at the Lerwick Marts.

At the crack of sparrows, we drove a stallion to help out Bergli Stud (and I also wanted an excuse to see what was going on in the Shetland horse and pony world as I have been rather out of the loop recently).

Flossie came with me for moral support and helped with the brushing.  Bjørn had been up until 03:00 washing and drying ponies.

There were specatators of every kind.

Taking a real interest, too.

For both rings.

There was Ring 1 for the Shetland ponies and, alongside, Ring 2 for the big horses and ponies.

Everyone mucked in.  Even the judges.

Friendships were made.

And it was very special to see the Icelandic horses competing in-hand too.

Lauren brought Esja.

All good practice for the big bad world.

Kristall won his class.

Horse and handlers looked very smart.

And so they ran up and down…..

… walked round and round…..

…. while others waited outside for their turn.


While we had a break for lunch, the children played in the arena.

There was, of course, the ubiquitous and possibly mandatory raffle.

I am awaiting the results and ever-optimistic that the bottles, the pony or the chocolate is now mine!

Good behaviour all round and, for some, this was a completely new environment.

After lunch, there were more in-hand young handler classes as well as fancy dress (BeAnne will never be toppled from her throne).

I was feeling a bit fractious and over-tired so we left early and took some of the Bergli ponies (and dog) home for them.

Their standard black Shetland pony filly, Brunatwatt Madison Magic, won Junior Champion.  A good start to the 2017 Shetland pony show season.

9 thoughts on “It’s Show Time!

  1. Tyche's Minder

    Hmmm. We have a pony of unknown origin who looks just like Esja, down to the last detail of coloring, like the highlighted mane and the insides of the ears. Do you know what the name of that coloring is? And is it found outside of Icelandics? We’ve always wondered what his background might be.

  2. Roberta Earley

    what I love is the Shetlands out in the ring HAIRY as they should be at that time of the year… We in Australia are going into winter and I love my slick black wee men… I also love the wee hairy mammoths they become…
    Love comradeship off all raffle ie choc was worth winning…

  3. Terri

    I always enjoy these scenes of Shetland equine/equestrian life. Congrats to Bergli Stud! (Bjørn looks quite the Scottish gentleman)


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