I wormed everyone else today, after my worry about Klængur, who is fine, by the way and was just faking illness to get out of work.

Everyone was very nice about having wormer except for Brá, who was a complete and utter arse.  I will generously put this down to being pregnant, but she really tested the limits of my patience and sanity today – threatening to kick and refusing to be caught.  Ok, I will admit I had the wrong catching kit (too small headcollar) so I went home, found two big headcollars, caught Hetja, gave her a bucket of food, tied her up, and then went after Brá, who was galloping towards me in a panic looking for Hetja.  Brá skidded to a halt, saw the bucket of food and wanted it more than anything.  It was then we struck The Deal.  You want the food, I want to put a headcollar on you.  She let me.  Then she had her hysterics about the wormer syringe and I stuck to my guns.  You want the bucket of food, I get to worm you.  She gave in.

And I may have mentioned something about not trying to kick me too in my parting shot lecture about being a complete and utter twunt!

Thank the Gods that her son is a lovely boy who is everyone’s friend and would put his own headcollar on if you asked him to.

Nothing is too much trouble for Efstur.

When we went to worm Newt, we found him sitting in his nest (possibly trying to lay an egg). He never even stood up while he was wormed.  Bless his little cottons.

Because that is the kind of guy a Newt is!

Even Albie forgot to be hysterical.

He was very happy to help.

Bloody Brá.  Now a wormed twunt.



5 thoughts on “Wormed

  1. Sam

    Sorry the pregger cranky gal put up such a fuss. Are you sure Newt is not part bird with his love of nests?

  2. Nicki

    Twunt !! Definitely the word of the week 🙂 we’ve just wormed too ranging from “Oh that’s nice can I have some more” to “Get away you’re going to stab me with that syringe” Gotta love em all.


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