It is War

No ruddy water again in both buckets.  Just some mud at the bottom and in one of them black fur (it is the Spring moult) ….. much.

So, we sighed, looked balefully at Waffle and refilled the buckets with fresh water.  Not suprisingly, everyone was very thirsty.

Waffle decided to go down the “I am perfectly innocent” route as well as “the fact that I am not even in the vicinity means you can’t pin this on me”. But I know. Those black hairs are a tell-tale.

So, feeling kind, we filled up the dog bowl we use for Fivla’s daily TurmerAid and went round each pony to make sure they had a good drink before Waffle emptied the buckets (again).

And then the little turd wandered up for his drink too because, guess what, he was thirsty.

And then he stood there maintaining his innocence all the while.

Yer, right Waffle.

After a little while, we couldn’t face this blatant lie and we also knew Waffle was waiting for us to leave, so we herded everyone away from the buckets.

I know it is futile but at least we tried.

Also, if anyone cared to have a brain, they could have all the fresh (untainted by hooves with black fur) water they could ever want.  With my luck, we will probably find Waffle swimming in it. I am just waiting for that plan to hatch in his evil little mind.

4 thoughts on “It is War

  1. Lisa

    Have you ever tried putting the bucket into a tire? Two of my herd will have a drink and then knock the bucket over when done so I put the bucket into a tire and it helps keep it upright.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I did think you were a bit hard on Waffle last time but it seems he’s a recidivist and here’s no hope him. Bad bad pony!


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