Slumming It

We had to go up to the top of the hill to look for everyone today.

The silver lining was the whole herd had to cross at least two streams and even splosh round the edge of a fresh-water loch to get there so if they didn’t manage to have a drink en route there were a) never thirsty in the first place or b) not really trying.

Everyone looked happy enough having been on their travels around the field, though Newt was suspiciously wet (even on the top of his back) so I wonder if he fell in somewhere.  He seemed none the worse for wear and refused to answer any questions so I don’t know.  The others were keeping shtum too. I would lay odds on Storm having something to do with it, though.

Lilja was looking her usual magnficent self. When I look at these photos, I think she is too beautiful to live with my Shetland ponies.

Never mind – she will just have to lump it for the time being.  She has no choice and she has a job to do, i to look after her little sister.


I wonder what Newt did? (hmmm….). I will probably never know.

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