Hreyfing update – Relax and Breathe

Yesterday was Simone’s last day with us – boo!


She has done some lovely work this past week with Haakon and Klængur and told me what to work on, when I am riding again in August (and, yes, I am counting the days, Mr Surgeon-Man)


Simone kindly gave Arwen a riding lesson on Meester Bimble, aka Iacs.


And then Fiona a lunge lesson with Hreyfing, her new Icelandic mare who came up on the boat last week ….

BN2A5342 BN2A5340 BN2A5346

Jo had brought Hreyfing and Fakur over to be shod.  Hreyfing seems much happier in herself now.  Calmer and settled well into the herd.  She is a lovely mare.


While Fi was also having a riding lesson from Simone (where they were both learning to relax and breathe)  ….

BN2A5423 BN2A5419 BN2A5432 BN2A5434

Arwen was taking bloke, aka Fakur, for a stroll outside.


There was also some secret hugging too.  Fakur is quite partial to a hug.

L1070365 L1070356

So, it is goodbye to Simone.  She is on today’s flight south.  We had a small party for her last night.  Some booze might’ve been consumed and chocolate – please note, it was shared!


And Beeble does not fit in Jack’s little bed no matter how hard he tries.  


(I just love Snati’s face of perfect bliss while Beeble looks miserable and rather stuck)


Some things are just not meant to be.


3 thoughts on “Hreyfing update – Relax and Breathe

  1. Karen

    Oh my…Beeble is soooo funny…my lab used to get up similar antics and then look hard done by. You have to love them 😀


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