In the Family

Well, I went outside last night to put Edna and Missy back into their little field first before I let the Boyzens in, only to find everyone together.  A gate had blown open and there they all were – and still alive – and it was unexpected peace and harmony.  Missy was bouncing around her newly found Uncles.  She was very happy. They look bemused.

So I left them to it, worrying all night that Missy would have broken legs or worse, be battered to death by an enraged ‘Bert or ‘Ster or Lambie and then how would I ever love lamb-killers.  My nerves were shreds.

This morning, again, they are all absolutely fine.  Edna has forgiven her Mum and they are a happy little family, which is lovely to see and just what I wanted.

Even Lambie is almost nice.

Ok, he is a little grumpy but that is because of the weather – flies and heat and he hates that.

Lambie’s Mr Grumpy face.  He came and had a hug and everything was ok again.

Meanwhile, Missy is living up to her name and, when she discovered Monster had followed me down the field, her delight knew no bounds.

I really wish for her sake it did know some bounds.  One Mississippi….. two Mississippi….

And wallop. He got her.  She has to learn. She thought it was “best day ever” and chased Monster around the field, much to his horror.

And so we left them all to it because Missy is probably safer if we aren’t there.

And to think I was worried about the Boysens being mean.

4 thoughts on “In the Family

  1. diane in northern wis

    What a great series of pictures today, Frances. With Missy and everybody getting along so well…..well….almost everybody. Maybe Monster and Missy will get used to each other? I loved all the pictures and your commentary, which is always so clever!

  2. Linda

    Well, I like to think most animals (except natural enemies perhaps) “sense” a baby animal , and treat it gently and with a lot of forgiveness for their silliness. Looks like that’s what went on with the sheep (especially with them being the same animal)

    And look at Monster and Missy! Monster keeps his claws to himself, bips her on the face “safely” – and then Missy (the silly baby here) just goes on like nothing happened. Even thinking she’s got a new play pal.

    I love it!


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