In the Ditch

Despite raining all day and being thoroughly dreich, I decided to go and check the Minions taking the horse-van for a run.  The chaps were standing in the far corner of the field over the burn (stream).

But I showed them my pocketful of carrots and they duly stirred.

Lilja was their leader.

And the others followed in dribs and drabs.

Well, everyone except for Waffle, so I threw his carrot over to him.

Once checked, noseys duly kissed, more carrots dished out, pocketses emptied, pocketses confirmed to be empty, I left them all to it and walked back down the hill.

Of course I was followed – Newt and Storm having a quick game en route.

Albie was very determined to come home with me.  He would sit in the van, if he could.

I said goodbye at the gate feeling, as usual, incredibly guilty that they had a fine field, full of hill grass, fresh water and friends.  How they suffer.

And my van?  Well, what I thought had been clever off-road parking turned out to be one wheel now wedged in the ditch and I was totally stuck.

Dammit!  Luckily the postie was passing and, as he was going next door to the mill, he told them of my plight and they brought a tractor and rope around to tow me out.  Huge thanks to Jamiesons Mill.  On a useful note, I was shown the van’s towing point and the location of the tool box.  I never knew I had one.

Next home and I spent my afternoon making a sheeple to feel better.

However, I am not sure that I do feel better. I feel rather embarrassed about the van.  Hey ho. Live and learn. I’m not having much luck with vehicles these days.

6 thoughts on “In the Ditch

  1. Sam

    It can seem as if the cars in our lives are conspiring to make us bonkers.
    And would it be so terrible to have Albie over for some Muzzah time at home?

  2. van den Berg Gail

    The sheeple is adorable, and looks straight into my heart. I’m sure making him/her did help some. I know looking at the sheeple on my shelf makes me smile.


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