In the Back Garden

In my little back garden are a black pony….

and a white pony.

I am so happy. I have missed my little ponies so much.  They always used to live here.

I love having my Shetland ponies home.

It seems, well…. just right.

The girls have scrubbed up well and are now dry so went outside first thing this morning to graze in the back garden.

Every time anyone goes past, Fivla whiffles hoping for a carrot.  I have a theory that Shetland ponies have developed this talent which is why they always look chubby!  Muchos carrots.

This is the view from my desk while I write this blog.

The dear old ladies.  I am just working on a Cunning Plan to insist that they spend the winter here, at home, because we have washed the essential grease from their coats so they look nice for tomorrow in their Fair Isle sweaters.  They have a very important meet n’ greet at the Shetland Museum.

Today, Daisy and Flossie have been loading the van with everything we need, plus the kitchen sink, in preparation for the big day.

Monster has been helping.

I’ve told him he is not coming too.  No one wants to see a cat in Fair Isle sweater……. do they?

10 thoughts on “In the Back Garden

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    Yes! I vote for keeping them home. You definitely need pony kisses in between sheep dog and kitty kisses. And as a fair isle knitter I say let’s dress everyone in sweaters, monster included!

  2. Linda Loba

    I hope your Cunning Plan works!
    And yes, I would love to see a cat in a Shetland sweater – do you even have to ask? 😉

  3. Elva

    I would LOVE to see Monster in a sweater; although, on second thought, he would probably hate it, and he is a sight for sore eyes just the way he is!!!!

  4. Marlane

    I do miss having our 3 horses at home. But not the feeding and cleaning of pens. It is hard not having them right there. Especially as one is 32 and could leave us at any time. So every day my husband and I travel to see them every day. It would cost us so much to buy a house with enough land for them here in Southern California.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Sure, I would like to see Monster in a Fair Isle sweater! Although I am guessing he would have a pretty scowly face if you were to make him wear one of those beautiful sweaters! I am hoping all goes well tomorrow with the two beautiful ponies in their sweaters!


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