Spa Day For the Stars

En famille we went to catch Fivla and Vitamin to take them home and get them ready for Friday.  It’s a long well-thought out process. You can’t hurry natural beauty, you know.

The girls know the drill.

And finally home.

We had everything ready.

Water had been heating up all morning.  We also kept a kettle on the go too.

And so to work.

We decided to only wash the bits that will not be covered by the Fair Isle sweaters.  It is the wrong time to be washing ponies and not fair to take all the natural grease out of their coats with winter on the horizon.  We not fans of washing at the best of times.

Vitamin was getting stroppy about not being near her best friend.

So I tied her up to the van where she then quickly settled down.

Next up, it was Vitamin’s turn.

She also makes a good shelf!

Vitamin was easier as she was not as obviously filthy as Fivla.  White is a bad colour to be.

Once done, we put the ladies in the stable, gave them some hard feed to cheer them up and left them to keep warm.

They will be dry hopefully by tomorrow and then they can go out into a little garden/paddock to eat and stay clean.

Fivla’s legs are always black.  She was pure black when I got her and is slowly turning white.  Just some bits are still black.  I will have another go at her tail tomorrow.

Fivla, 19 years ago!  Amazing, isn’t it?

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