In My Shed

Slowly but surely my shed (or Creation Station as it is sometimes nauseatingly known as by the family who snigger when they say this) is filling up.  I don’t mind. It is stuff I want or need and so it moves in.

I recently took possession of this very useful cupboard which OH lovingly restored for me.  It had been sitting in a shed for many years being ignored and it fits in perfectly.

Every day I work away felting my little animals and birds.  I did try to expand my repertoire once by making a small black pig but he quickly turned into a small black sheep (right). I don’t know how it happened so I am sticking with what I know for the time being.

My view is wonderful.  I love the light and the room gets very warm during the day too.

Today I could see Haakon with some new birds that have not been around before.

I was curious so took some photos and asked my Facebook friends who identified it as a Redwing (Turdus iliacus) – the UK’s smallest true thrush.

There were a few birds and they were a bit argumentative.  I watched them out of my window for ages.  The shed makes a great bird hide.

And then Lambie found me *** sigh ***. There is no hiding from Lambie.

I had to let him in to eat the tassles on my tablecloth, because he is obssessed.

For a diversion, and because I needed the exercise and to stretch my legs, I took everyone for a walk.

4 thoughts on “In My Shed


    Your “shed” is looking wonderful – and I love that cupboard. Your OH did a beautiful job.
    Such a great view, and it’s nice seeing (and hearing) the birds, isn’t it? Spring is here 🙂

    P.S. That black sheep is adorable!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Looking very cosy as well as functional! Love the picture of the two birds having a squabble!


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