Food, food and more food

As the weak watery sun of winter comes up, Floss and I are out feeding all the horses that live here.

Taktur get his morning bucket of grub, while the others have their hay.

He loves his grub bucket and possibly wears some of it.

The others know the bucket is not for them but it doesn’t stop them looking resentful – thank you, Efstur!

We also put out piles of hay twice a day.

Even thought there is little to no grass, no one is starving.

Obviously, if the others needed hard feed then I would give them a bucket but they don’t.

I can’t feel ribs possibly because there are none.

In another field far, far away…… (ok, over the hill)…..

This lot get their morning bucket of food and supplements or a pale imitation of calories.

It all depends on who you are and who needs what.

And then there is the hay as well – twice a day.

Everyone has a thick winter coat.

So they are fed, fine and fat!

We, on the other hoof, are utterly knackered!

4 thoughts on “Food, food and more food

  1. Sam

    Here I thought dealing with Little Miss Maine Coon’s early am demands for food was bad…
    Time for the humans to move the dogs off the sofa, put their feet up and have a drink or two.

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a huge job to keep all your horses well-fed! And they all look beautiful! You guys do a great job. It’s got to be so tiring.


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