After the Ball… (s)

Tiddles and Storm spent last night together in the stable while Tiddles got over his anaesthetic.  They were let out in the morning and I put them in a field where Tiddles could recuperate and eat.


However, Storm had other ideas.  He cantered about deliberately annoying Tiddles, showing him that he was fine and he didn’t hurt.  He was trying to get Tiddles to play with him.


Tiddles was appalled at this thought.  It was enough that he could walk without going ow, ow, ow and Storm was really beginning to annoy him (which is a complete turnabout from yesterday pre-op, when he hung onto Storm to the point where the vet thought he was stuck!)


Storm was being A Pest and he had no intention of stopping either.  So I made a quick decision and went and fetched Silver and Waffle to “dilute” Storm’s playfulness.

BN2A5361 BN2A5363

The Gods were smiling and obviously understood Tiddles’ problem as Waffle and Silver were waiting by their gate and didn’t need asking twice.  They would’ve put on their own headcollars.


Things started a little raucously but everything soon quickly calmed down.

BN2A5367 BN2A5368 BN2A5373

I stayed in their field for a while, just in case, but it was very obvious that everyone just wanted to get down to the task of eating.

BN2A5382 BN2A5391

Even Storm stopped being a prat and was back to being Tiddles’ BFF again rather than constant irritation!


Lambie and Lambert are doing well, post-op (thank you for asking).  


Poor Lambie has ulcers on his eyes and has twice daily eyedrops.  Healing vibes for Lambie.  It is horrid for him.


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