Icelandic Boys in Winter

When it snows, the light is beautiful and I go out to take photos (now, there’s a surprise!)

So here are today’s pics……

Efstur – a sweetheart and a delight. He is three this year and I am shocked.  Time is flying by. I never noticed.

He has a famous dad – Álfur frá Selfossi – but to us, Efstur is just one of the boys. 

A desperately honest chap, possibly too honest at times for his own good.

Here is Haakon – my old friend, companion and “the one”.  25 this year but still bouncing.

Iacs, aka Bibble, he of the silly-frilly.  Much loved and Haakon’s cousin.  They may look similar but that’s about all.  Daisy ❤️ her Bibble.

Dreki Dragon (2 years old – wow!) – growing up to be a very nice chap.  I love the way he thinks.   Nothing worries him.  The herd is teaching him well, padwan.

Haakon (sticking his tongue out!) and Hjalti – who will be next up on the training roster, but it won’t be until next year as he needs to mature a bit more.  He is 4 this year.  We don’t rush our youngstock. We wait until we think they are ready.

Taktur, daddy of Hjalti and Dreki (and the lovely Lilja). He is a the best dude ever. If all stallions were like Taktur, life would be so very easy.

The gorgeous Kappi just returning to work after his much deserved holidays.  He loves training. It means he gets fed.  Reason enough in my book.

I put out a salt-lick and they all shared nicely.  Not a cross word between them.

Dear boys.

Efstur sees Tatkur as a father figure.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

So, that’s us, in the snow.  All happy.

5 thoughts on “Icelandic Boys in Winter

  1. Linda Loba

    The Icelandic horses are in their element this time of year, I would imagine.
    (I think I see a bit of silly frilly on Haakon, by the way…)
    And Taktur is just…gorgeous, majestic, and from your description, a true gentleman of a horse.


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