Asleep Sheep

Yesterday was a beautiful calm day and the pale winter sun shone.

Lambie and his friends were back in their normal field for one day only.  They love this field.

I shall title this picture – The Noble Profile

‘Ster went to sleep in the sunshine (you can almost hear him snore).

Lambie practiced his Winning Smile at me – he knows how to make his Muzzah’s heart melt.


‘Bert was on the move.

Blue Steel or Magnum?

Exhausting work after being “really really really ridiculously good-looking” so a little forty winks was the order of the day .

There was nice and comfortable grass, with a hint of snow.

A bijoux Winning Smile in his sleep.  Dreaming of what do you think?

So two of the boys were sheepie-bye-byes.

And ‘Bert found the morning silage – he was stuffing his face.

This is the face of a sheep who knows his friends are asleep and all the silage is his, if he wants it.

I love my sheepie boys.

7 thoughts on “Asleep Sheep

  1. Linda Loba

    First photo is just amazing, Frances. The rest, so cozy and sweet (I can imagine perfectly, snoozing in that sunshine…)

  2. Terri

    They all look so happy! (and why not? sunshine, full/or partially full tummies, Mum nearby, and warm, wooly coats) As sheeple lives go, theirs couldn’t be better — and in Shetland!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Ha! That last picture is a real winner. So cute seeing your sleeping Lambie boys. Glad you got some nice sunshine. Enjoy.


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