I went to Lerwick and I saw ……

I went to Lerwick and I saw a……

Boat.  That’s nice. I like boats as long as I never have to go on one, then it is a completely different story.  Bleugh!  Ask any member of my family – they will tell you.


A nice sky.  Yes, yes, very pretty.


A poster at my physio’s which left me wishing I had hurt my ankle after all in a sack race “at da Inter County” rather than a disco in Marrakech 20 years ago.  I was young. I was stupid.  There will be no further information given about my sojourn to Marrakech.  


There was a nervous moment when we saw what looked like oil spilling over the top of the gas oil silo (they were just washing it, I hope).  That is water, right?

L1040384 L1040388

This is the only bridge Bressay is ever going to see.


A double rainbow. Magical.


A great stairway, only not to Heaven – just the top of the washed oil silo.  Keep telling yourself that was water at the top!


Some wonderful Fair Isle flags in the street.


Two ginormous Fair Isle cardigans.


Now who would they fit?


A knitted Fair Isle corset complete with stays and a triple string of pearls sitting comfortably on a bistro chair.


Inspired.  Words fail me!  We laughed so much when we saw it.


Assorted Fair Isle knitwear (this is a very traditional Shetland shop window) and an Icelandic lopapeysa (jersey on the far right).


And a severed human leg.  Like you do.


And that, my friends, is Lerwick.   And some folk want the main high street shops to come here.  Why, on God’s earth, why?  Shetland would be very boring.  At least our high street is not like every high street in Britain with the same cloned shops.  Ours has variety, humour and just about everything you could possibly be looking for, including severed limbs!


Eat yer heart out Mary Portas!

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