An Embuggerance!

Today there was an embuggerance.

It started well. I saw my horses and thought Fakur was a pregnant mare as opposed to the fat gelding he is.


I thought this mare was Fakur and wondered why “he” had a sweaty noseband mark, even to the point of asking, only to be told he was a she!L1040447

Hetja was very in yer face but a snoggable nose, none the less.


On a good note, Esja is turning into a delicious girlie and I did recognise her.


Then we drove to Lerwick, did some messages, watched some ducks while eating chips for lunch (standard Shetland practice) ….

L1040468 L1040471

…. noticed the bad weather coming in, started the car to go to a vital appointment and it died.


So, to the complete stranger I dragged off the street to come and jump start my car, a huge thank you.  You are a jewel and I cannot tell you just how relieved I was to hear those magic words “I have jump leads”.

We headed straight to the garage where they calmly sorted it all out.  I love this garage.  They offer you coffee, sweeties and make everything instantly better.


Now feeling soothed, while the car was being mended, I seriously considered trading in my Yaris and buying a newer car.  As I have to go to Lerwick again tomorrow (wrong appointment day, I could kick myself), OH and I are going to test drive an Aygo.


So now slightly calmer about the car situation (I can’t cope when it dies, I panic especially on my own) we hit the street.

Fish, guinea pigs and dragons are very calming when you have had an embuggerance of a day (my mot du jour – it sums it up very well).

L1040500L1040505 L1040508  L1040517

OH has just handed me a gin and tonic in a pint glass.  Nuff said.


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  1. melch

    Hi! I have been following your blog for a while, ever since I was redirected from a knitting blog on account of the girls and their fantastic sweaters. Thank you for sharing your stories and photos! I hope you may get a kick out of this review of the Aygo on Top Gear (including its ability to play football)


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