Walking and Stalking

As you know, my surgeon recommended walking so every day off I plod with a horse companion of my choice.

Today’s short straw, was Klængur and I could see he was somewhat bemused as to my reasoning but he came along for the ride (only it wasn’t, was it, Mr Surgeon?)


BeAnne was also with us.  I have taught her to jump on the mounting block so I can put her harness on without bending down.


Off we plodded, me chatting, Klængur listening and BeAnne looking for wabbits.

If I have any doubts that Klængur doesn’t like cars, today he was a rock, an absolute rock for me.

Behind us, I heard the rattle of a large car or truck and was just finding a safe place for us to stand out of the way on the single track road with a soft verge, when a pick-up with attached horse trailer went thundering past before I could put myself between my Klængur and the vehicle.  We teetered on the side of the road (see pics below)…IMG_7186

… and you can see how narrow the verge is by the size of BeAnne before the drop down.


Klængur has been known, in his not too distant past, to bolt when a car appears so all I could do was regret my choice of companion this afternoon and hope for the best. And it was the best I got. He stood there, didn’t move a muscle or react in any way.  Golly, I hugged and hugged him afterwards with relief.  What a dude!  What an amazing horse.  (I know, I know, this is a little thing to most of you but to me it is a huge thing because it could’ve easily all ended rather badly.)


At the moment, his job is to be my companion horse and he was 100% perfect and very good at his new job.

And as for the stalking…..

What do you know about this?  Arrived today in the post…


Who are you?


and why are you torturing me?


I will hunt you down and serve you with a Court Order to Cease and Desist on all things Moist.

(there, look what you’ve done, you’ve made me say THAT word. I hope you’re pleased with yourself sending anonymous Moist packages in the post that make me howl with laughter every time I open them!)

Thank you btw! I have absolutely no idea who you are but it is very funny.

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