I was Dreading This

It needed to be done.  The mares and their foals had to go to Leradale.

I have been dreading the day.  No one is exactly very co-operative about anything yet.

So we broke it all down into small bite-sized chunks.

First I caught Brá before she remembered she didn’t like being caught.  One carrot in, one headcollar on and bingo!

Daisy caught Hetja who almost put the headcollar on herself.

Flossie was on gates and opened everything while we led the mothers, with their babies dutifully following over the hill to Thordale and into the stable.


Next chunk – to put on Mr Headcollar.

It was not instantly easy but it happened without much fuss.   Another phew!  Last time (the microchipping) was rather a battle.



We left everyone to get used to wearing their headcollars while we went in and had a quick lunch.


Bjørn arrived, and was trimming feet when we returned.  The foals were learning how to be tied up too.





Brá was sensible – she took herself away while Dreki was having his feet done.

The foals learned a lot today.   They may have not wanted to, but they did.



Next chunk was to load Hetja and Lilja into the van.  Hetja marched straight in and we tied her up and eventually Lilja loaded.


We released Mother and her stroppy little daughter and went back for the other two.

Brá, again, loaded beautifully and surprise, surprise, so did Dreki.  Good lad.

They will now spend their winter in long long grass that hasn’t been touched since they left (apart from a small Minion invasion).

Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief as they all met up again.

The Minions are their neighbours.

3 thoughts on “I was Dreading This

  1. Sam

    Whew – you dodge a Battle Royale on the head collars. But the foalios are growing up if they tolerated the hoof trimming, collars, trailer ride and all. Can’t wait to see how the neighbors get along.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad it all went so well. Can’t wait to see your future pics of these beautiful animals. What a day of learning for all!


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