Indoor Animaux

“So, Meester Bond, we meet again….

….. and, quite frankly, your school report has been found lacking.  What do you have to say about this?”

“Hey, I am a cool suave sophisticated kinda guy.”

You can trust me. I will never hurt you.

“Though, seriously, never trust me!”

(No one trusts Wussums – he is one dangerous boy.)

“My name is Loki. I have a terrible, lonely, miserable life.”

“I dream of running for miles after endless bunny rabbitses.”

“Oh yes, I’ve remembered – but I do!”

“As Her Majesty of the household, I sometimes feel put upon. Life is tough at the top.”

“The loneliness of command is exhausting.”

“But then I turn upside down, play the room and everyone does what I want!” 

The Indoor Family!  We are just their servants.

5 thoughts on “Indoor Animaux

  1. Sam

    Such characters you have in this household. The Maine Coons job is to snuggle the humans out of the bed. Then to sprawl on the carpet, showing off the floofy pantaloons and tail.

  2. Terri

    Oh, the individual personalities of the Thordale inhabitants! Never boring…and they all get along. Well, perhaps sometimes not so much, but, since you insist on manners and mutual respect, mostly.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh what a great post with your indoor buddies featured today. I love that tuxedo kitty…reminds me of so many that I have had. And the pup looks like one that lives just downstairs from us. You have some beautiful pets, Francis.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s Francis of your indoor family. And you are right, we humans are definitely their servants. We have three cats and we know our place in the household – To feed on demand, to give affectionate strokes only when felines are in the “mood”, to provide entertainment and to leave well alone when the superiors want to go to sleep. What a life!!


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