I Still Walk

I may have fallen slightly by the wayside, so to speak, on this walking a billion miles a year or whatever it was I mentally signed up for earlier in the year.

But when the weather was slightly less frantic and now I am feeling much better, BeAnne and I went for our usual 3 mile walk along the road and back again.

For the first time, I saw a nearly-white mountain hare in a field by the side of the road. I have never seen hares there so it was lovely to just stop, wait and watch.

I think mountain hares are very special.  So pretty too.

There were the usual hill sheep in their wide variety of colours.

They are always very inquisitive and on the odd occasion Lambie comes too he could be a different species.  He likes the idea of hill sheep but he doesn’t really get it, and sticks out like a sore thumb, coming home complaining they don’t like classical music and biscuits!

On my way home, the horses had finally left their food to see what they could find in the field which runs along the side of the track.  Efstur was having fun aggravating dear old patient Iacs.

Efstur was not going to give up.

He wanted a reaction, so Iacs told him.

And then it developed into a little game of I bite you, no I bite you!

And that is why Efstur is so nice.

Because he has the best teachers all around him.

Maybe not the brightest, but certainly the nicest.

It was nice to get out and about on my pins.

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