I might’ve made a mistake

My exercise regimen at the moment is riding three of the Icelandics.

First I rode Iacs because he looked so miserable yesterday when I had promised and then rushed off.   He was very good and tried his best.

Next was Taktur – who has to Power Walk first on buckle-end of the reins to loosen up and then in a relaxed outline for 20 minutes (10 minutes either direction).  We listen to inspiring 80’s disco songs because they have a good up-tempo walking beat.

And then thirdly, Haakon who was on fabulous form and, having warmed up, tölted round and round the school like a demon (if demons tölt!)

Each had about 20-30 minutes and I felt very worthy afterwards.

I’ve also noticed that this last bale of silage is mostly being ignored.  No one is interested in it and the horses need energy.


So I made the executive decision to let the big lads into the next big green field for grazing.  They were very enthusiastic about my choice.

L1090204 L1090205

But, as you can see, its’ boundary is the bebbies’ hill park.


Taktur is very fond of the Bebbies…..


…. as they are of him!


Anyway, I have read Taktur the Riot Act, told him to behave or at least to not lose shoes on the fence or weight by fence walking instead of eating.


One hint, just one hint of shoe-losing, fence-destroying, fence-walking, bloody-mindedness, etc and I will either wire up the whole side (Icelandic horse side) to the mains or move the horses over to a field miles away.  Their choice.


Meanwhile, as it is raining (but warm), I gave the Bebbies, who happened to be hanging around their shed, a large pile of carrots that I threw into the straw.  Hunt the Carrot is a great rainy-day game.  Hours of entertainment.

L1090217 L1090222

All I could hear was crunch, munch, crunch, snuffle…..!


So here’s hoping.  It would be nice if they could all live side-by-side in peace and harmony (though, tbh, I am not holding my breath).

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