So Fed Up

The weather is unforgiving at the moment.  Gales and sleet.


Everyone is very fed up.


Wet and tired.  It is eroding to the spirit.


The only thing that cheers anyone up is the silage bale but I want the horses/ponies to go out in their fields for a few hours, if only to get some space and exercise.


Obviously, Les Grandes Dames and the Preggy Lady can stay around the yard.  That is a given.


Everyone has given up arguing – they are all too tired.  Even Delia will talk to Waffle, which is usually unheard of.


But the bale is the source of all happiness….


…. and everyone is allowed a good go at it.

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I am desperate that no one is thin that shouldn’t be or losing weight.  All I do is shovel food in and shovel the manure out.  OH is a God-send and mucks out the sheds every day.


We just live day-to-day looking at every weather forecast and hoping they are mostly wrong.


The fields are sodden and not draining.  No one is interested in eating any grass they find.  They just stand and wait to be let back in.  At night, I put everyone in with a good pile of food just so they are warm and not endlessly shivering with the sleet and driving wind.


Gales, gales, gales.


We are all feeling very fed up.

Sorry for the whinge.  Did I mention we are fed up?  I haven’t seen Lambie and Ster bounce for a few days now.


I think it is that February Feeling.


7 thoughts on “So Fed Up

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I think you’re well entitled to a grumble! It’s such dispiriting weather but I do think your herd look amazingly well!

  2. CA Carol

    I’m sorry it’s being such a rotten miserable winter. You deserve a good whinge and your creatures better not be giving you any trouble! They are very very lucky to have you. Only a month until the equinox. Stay warm.


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