I have some horses!

Apparently I have some horses.

Despite being besotted with our new addition, every day Floss and I do actually go and see and even spend time with the horses and ponies.

Yes we do!

Brá and Hetja remain good friends.  I wish I could let Sóley and Lilja rejoin them but I noticed Sóley looking for her milk from Lilja, who was very patient and nice about it.  Someone still doesn’t realise the milk bar is CLOSED! I would like to reunite them all soon but don’t want Hetja’s milk to start up again, which is a distinct possibility.

Brá’s skin is slowly clearing up.  After these photos I put some anti-lice stuff on them both as it is that time of year.

Winter coats are falling out in handfuls now but we have sleet/snow and a minus 4 degrees Celsius forecast on Sunday so I am not doing any brushing. Everyone should hang on to their coats if they can. They will need them.

Back in Wee-Lamb World (the current favourite name is still Lambelina), she is bouncing and going boing all over the place.

BeAnne is now accepted by Edna and it was Wee-Lamb who bounced up to say hello.   That is Her Maj’s very worried (not grumpy) face as she was waiting for Edna to pile in, but nothing happened – she just watched her baby make friends with a dog.  I told BeAnne she was my best little girl and she breathed a huge sigh of relief afterwards.

So all well really.


4 thoughts on “I have some horses!

  1. Sam

    BeAnne is so tolerant of Wee Lambie! And your horses are lovely still but we really need the delight of a wee one discovering the world right about now. The shores of New England can not seem to shake off late winter – cold and rainy again!


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