No Selfies

Never ever try to take selfies with any Shetland ponies, ever. I learned this today

(Albie and Newt helping)

Albie doing his bit.

Kisses, obviously.

I am in there….


No, really I am! Helloooo!

And little Newt.   It was lovely being loved.  Best bit of the day.

Meanwhile in Wee-Lamb World someone has discovered how to jump on their Mum!  Edna is very long suffering.


7 thoughts on “No Selfies

  1. Sam

    Hard pressed to think of better way to take a selfie on Shetland…..nope, can’t think of one. It is nice to be so loved by Minions. Better to be over loved than not.

  2. Mary

    Thank you for sharing you life and animals with us. It was so cute when the lamb laid down next to Edna after jumping all over her. With what is happening in the world with Covid – your blog brings a smile to my face.

  3. Gail Lawson

    Selfies with Shetland ponies are very endearing. Just saying. They love you as you love them! And wee-Lambelina! OH my, she is just adorable! And my hat is off to Edna❤️

  4. Elva

    Every year, I put a big round bale outside for my lambs to play on. Of course you really need one more lamb, so they can play king of the mountain and have lamb races. You would love those!!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh my goodness what wonderful pictures and video today. First there you are being squished by your good friends and then baby lamb is bouncing all over Edna. How cute. Made me laugh both times!


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