I Hate Change!

The usual dog walk is to Watsness and back.  It is precisely four miles there and back with no hills.  Perfect.  I have been doing this walk for ages with BeAnne and/or Loki.  All was fine. It was part of my pre-surgery get-fit campaign.


With Loki on a lead (as he cannot be trusted), BeAnne would come too.


Until the other day when we met a herd of beef cows.  They were peacefully lying down so I went with the thought “let sleeping cows lie”.


We haven’t met a herd of cows for a while.  I know that they live here as Haakon and I used to meet them occasionally years ago but I haven’t ever met them on foot.


Sadly, they were not content with lying down and quickly got up to investigate us and with that BeAnne and Loki turned tail.


We were followed home, as far as the gate which can be quite unnerving but I know they are a friendly bunch.

IMG_0823 IMG_0827 IMG_0829

So, today’s dog walk has to be different.  I have to find another 2 miles that is a good safe walk.

L1100198 L1100202

We settled on going up the hill, which is hard work on foot but another step forward in my pre-op fitness campaign.  I settled for taking photos as I went to cheer myself up.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to walk and I especially I hate to walk up a hill – I have an Icelandic horse for that.  But, with a camera, I will walk anywhere for a good photo.  That is a completely different story.

L1100210 L1100215 L1100221 L1100227 L1100229 L1100230 L1100232 L1100237

And then the battery went in my camera.  So that is that!  It was a good walk and now on my daily to-do list as those cows are rather scary.


7 thoughts on “I Hate Change!

  1. Deb Twomey

    As a child I often took long walks in rather unknown territories. On one such walk my dog ran ahead around the bend. A bit later she came running back faster than the wind. And behind her ran a herd of very angry, very fast black angus cattle. We could not outrun them so the dog bolted over a wire fence and I went head first right after her. Landing unfortunately in a large patch of poison ivy. I have never shared space with cows or cattle of any kind since!

  2. Linda

    Ditto – the sea/land scapes there are truly breath-taking. Still miss the ponios though – I’m a pony per day person 😉 Cuz your ponios are all very special 😉

  3. Sam

    I too dislike cows without a fence between us! Ditto on the hill walking. But your photos are AMAZING. So thank you for them!


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