Hammy is a Doofus

I had a few minutes before The Homecoming (Floss from Europe) so I hopped into the horses’ field to take some pics of my absolute most favouritist flower ever, apart from Orchids – the blue one whose name is even more wonderful – Devil’s Bit Scabious.  It looks like a splendid hat your mother’s friend, who you always referred to as Mrs So-and-so (never her first name), would wear for a wedding in the 1960’s.

L1100037 L1100038 L1100045

I was just enjoying my time sitting on a rock, while the horses were asleep further away, when Klængur decided he wanted to be my photography companion and sauntered over.

L1100062 L1100081

Now, I don’t mind Klæengur standing beside me.  He is easy and very gentle.  Basically, I trust him 100% to look after me first and himself second.  So, I went on taking photographs, including him as well in the theme.

L1100082 L1100066 L1100072

The next thing I knew, Klæengur took a step forward to stand over me.  I was initially worried until I realised Tit-For-Brains, aka Hammy, had appeared.  Klæengur was protecting me from Hammy and prepared to take all the flack.  I wrapped my arms around Klæengur’s neck and used him to slowly haul myself up.  He never flinched while Hammy’s teeth were surgically attached to him.  All bets are off when Hammy is around and it is every man for him or herself.


Hammy has this thing of resting his teeth on you because they just happen to be in the area. He does it to everyone with a smile on his face and a song in his fart.


I will admit that he does do cute though, very well.


Poor Klæengur had to absorb all Hammy’s teenage behaviour and act as a wall for me.  I cannot thank him enough for this.  We had a secret conversation about it.

L1100135 L1100142 L1100143

I suppose it gave the other horses a rest from Hammy and his unique sense of humour.


Am I the only one who thinks Hammy resembles a rather bizarre member of the Moomins?



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