Getting Ready

I have a list as long as my arm of things “to do” in preparation for the local agricultural show tomorrow.

Today, we bathed our entries – Indy PingPong (oh, how I wish they would write that on the Show Schedule), Velvereta, Velia and Verona.


We got the first lot in to wash – Indy and his laydeez, Velvereta and Verona.  They thought they were in for a treat.  Little did they realise it was bath day.L1100254 L1100259 L1100261  L1100264

With the use of a good burco boiler and  additional cheery folk (Fiona and Arwen), we got on with the task in hand, using spare shampoo and conditioner I found lying around the bathroom.

L1100267  L1100270 L1100274

This was a spectator sport for some who were completely bemused at this sudden action.


We are not the type to bath horses every spare minute.


Horses are only washed for before summer shows (never for winter, it is cruel – they need their grease to keep warm) and for any health reasons.


You can tell that Indy is glad he is not bathed every weekend.  He looks like a small kid whose Mum checkes if he has washed behind his ears.

L1100285   L1100293

And we believe in drip-dry.  There are no heat lamps for the show ponies to dry under.


The first three done, they were carted off to a new field ready for tomorrow.  The spectators were still bemused and followed, laughing and pointing.


Then off to get the last one – Velia who was living with the ladies not running with PingPong.


Zoot, as always, was around to offer her moral support. She came bouncing down the field.


So Velia was brought into the salon ** cough ** the garden and we brought her half sister, Velvereta to keep her company as she was fretting.


They will spend the night together.


I left Indy practising his “I am looking rather magnificent” for tomorrow!


And made enough sandwiches for a small African country to pop by!  Egg sandwich anyone?  No, seriously, anyone?

5 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Simone

    Oh, me, please! I love your egg sandwiches, they are delicious! Good luck for the show. Indy looks splendid!

  2. Karen

    Gorgeous ponies and I shall arrive too late to see them (sob), our plane doesn’t land until 3.35 pm. Hope you all have a great day xxx

  3. Roberta

    going there in the next few weeks……not looking forward to it…………We have a grey/white you wash and chuck on the float before she rolls…lily’s other name is pig pen. We went to a Scottish heritage day thought we had managed it, being stabled overnight in a stall…….NO tide mark………….I told Jane that’s why I bought a black Shetland
    Roberta trying like mad to get his hair out


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